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-Asset and Investment management
-Investment advisory and consulting with focus on hedge funds and other alternative investments
-Representative for off-shore fund of funds

-Joint business with European private banks in asset management
-Consultation on management and marketing of off-shore fund
-Providing with detailed information on capital markets and investment vehicles
-Independent Asset Managment Service at major Swiss Private Banks and Bankers

-As an independent investment advisor, provides impartial investment advices to clients, a practice unheard of before in Japan.
-Operates a first-of-its-kind portal site focusing on global investing for Japanese investors. -Boasts a broad relationship with Japanese institutional as well as high net worth individual investors. At pension seminars, Tosaka has lectured on the importance of including hedge funds into portfolio as an asset class.
-Is regarded in Japan as an expert on alternative investments. We are also focusing on currency risk management. These two are of great interests to investors in Japan.
-Has translated and published "The Prudent Investor's Guide to Hedge Funds", John Wiley & Sons, Inc. The book contributed to the introduction of hedge funds into Japan and its recognition as a way of managing risk.
-Has the long-lasting relationships with Swiss private banks and a number of overseas fund managers.
-Is a group of talented individuals where each member brings with himself a proven track record and expertise in different areas of business. It is not bureaucratic and everyone is highly skilled international Stuff

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-Manages "J.K.Wilton Multi-Strategies Fund" which employs alternative asset mangers and direct investing in Japan and Emerging Markets. Its asset under management is USD2million (as of March/2004)
-Asset under management over USD30millions on advisory basis
-Launching a real-estate fund in 2004

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